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An Empirical Study of Public Art in Urban Regeneration – A Comparative Study of Liverpool and Dalian

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.052


Jihui Qu, Xiuli Ge, Yanchen Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiuli Ge


The diverse and multi-dimensional management of public art is an important method to realize the preservation of urban heritage, promote public participation and stimulate urban vitality. This paper analyzes the application of public art in the urban regeneration practices in Liverpool and discusses the origin and development of public art as an important symbol in the urban development. Focusing on the conservation and transformation of post-industrial heritage based on participatory design within the context of urban regeneration in Liverpool and Dalian, this paper explores the methods and experience in urban regeneration and summarizes the major issues and countermeasures in urban regeneration that can be adopted to provide successful examples for the regeneration of post-industrial sites in China. Finally, it emphasizes the indispensable role that public art has played in urban regeneration.


Public art; urban regeneration; Liverpool; Dalian