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Game Analysis of New Rural Financial Institutions and Traditional Rural Financial Institutions Based on the Perspective of Fairness Mechanism

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.050


Jian Li

Corresponding Author

Jian Li


New rural financial institutions play an important role in promoting rural economic development and improving rural financial services, and become an important force in rural financial supply. Although there are conflicts of interests between new rural financial institutions and traditional rural financial institutions in terms of customer resources and business operation, there are broad space for cooperation in the fields of capital, information and technology. Our study introduces a kind of effective fair mechanism, through the establishment of a new type of rural financial institutions and the traditional cooperative game model of rural financial institutions, explore the strategy choice between both sides, and from the decrease of the cost of cooperation, create a revenue increment, coordinate earnings ratio in different Angle is put forward, such as promote long-term and stable cooperation strategy recommendations.


New rural financial institutions; Traditional rural financial institutions; Fairness mechanism