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Matching Decision between Organizational Innovation and Technological Innovation: Based on M Enterprise

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.048


Wang Chenggang

Corresponding Author

Wang Chenggang


With the increasing of managers emphasis on enterprise innovation, the problem of matching decision relationship between organizational innovation (OI) and technological innovation (TI) gets more and more attention gradually. In this background, this paper chooses the method of case analysis, matching evaluation matrix, system dynamics simulation, system analysis. The research introduces the development environment, the OI and TI status of M enterprise. Furthermore, this paper researches the matching decision status between OI and TI in the view of static and dynamic, and also describes the matching decision route. At last, this paper proposes some advices to promote the manage activities on the matching decision between OI and TI of M enterprise, and also provides important reference.


Organizational Innovation; Technological Innovation; Matching Decision; System Simulation