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Allocation of Ride-hailing Resources in the "Internet +" Eea: Taking Xuzhou City as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.044


Guodong Hu, Yihua Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yihua Zhang


Based on the problem of “difficulty in taxis” in major cities, taking Xuzhou City as an example, the paper analyzes the resource allocation of the network car, the effect of the existing subsidy program and proposes an improvement plan to reconfigure the vehicles in each district. Using python crawler to collect data on the supply and demand of Xuzhou City's network vehicles, and using the principal component analysis method to empirically analyze the factors affecting the network allocation of vehicles, using linear regression prediction method to predict the network of vehicles. The demand, using the gray correlation analysis method, further reveals that when the network car subsidy fails to effectively promote the resource allocation of the vehicle, and proposes a plan to improve and optimize the existing subsidy program, in order to promote the network car resource allocation significant improvement in rationality.


Resource allocation; Diverse linear regression; Principal component analysis; Grey correlation analysis; Subsidy scheme