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Design and Application of Railway Intelligent Big Data Information Network Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.040


Guoxin Zhang, Hongyu Lu, Hongjun Zhang, Hongyan Zhang

Corresponding Author

Guoxin Zhang


Integrating the independent information resources and management instructions of railway passenger station functional departments, intermediate stations, and production workshops into a unified system platform. The internal information of the platform is highly efficient and secure. Vertically, the infrastructure and application systems achieve unified and standardized management. Horizontally, Data sharing and system interconnection and interaction among various departments. This article describes the development background, design goals, network structure, overall design, and function implementation of the system platform, and then builds a unified big data network information platform to achieve smart office, resource sharing, scientific decision-making, and improve the railway intelligent transportation system. Level of decision support and control in various business areas.


Information resource integration; Platform design; Development and application