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Research on the Construction Path Of Accounting Major in Private Universities Driven by AACSB International Certification

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.039


Yaqin Xu, Ming Li

Corresponding Author

Yaqin Xu


With the deep integration of Chinese and western education concepts and teaching methods, universities have participated in the AACSB international certification in an attempt to obtain the "pass" for core competition in discipline construction. Therefore, based on the interpretation of the 2018 version of the AACSB international certification standard, and combining the characteristics of private universities, this article discusses the dimensions of "strategic management and innovation", "learning and teaching", and "accounting academic and professional participation" in private universities. Put forward the optimization path, and try to provide a reference for the construction of the accounting specialty of private colleges and universities to meet the international first-class education standards.


2018 edition of the AACSB; Accounting professional construction; Certification standards; Teaching and learning; The construction of the mission; AOL