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Impact of Humble Leadership on the Boundary Spanning Behavior

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.038


Jing Lv, Zhihua Deng

Corresponding Author

Zhihua Deng


This paper discussed the impact mechanism of humble leadership to the team boundary spanning behavior, examined the mediating role of team psychological processes. Based on the statistical analysis of questionnaire data, the results showed that: (1) Humble leadership has a positive influence on team boundary spanning behavior. (2) Team psychological safety has full mediation effect between the relationship of humble leadership and team boundary spanning behavior. Research conclusions expanded the empirical effect of humble leadership in the team level and the dynamic mechanism of team boundary spanning behavior in the Chinese organizational situation, which provided many theoretical references and managerial revelations for the R&D team leader to practice humility leadership behavior or effectively promote team boundary spanning behavior.


Humble leadership; Team boundary spanning behavior; Team psychological safety