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Influence of Paternalistic Leadership on the Staff’s Performance

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.035


Yang Jing, Deng ZhiHua

Corresponding Author

Deng ZhiHua


Paternalistic leadership is originated from Chinese traditional culture and thus may be suitable in the context of Chinese enterprises. Based on the analysis of the data collected from 321 employees using SPSS and LISREL software, the study has found that paternalistic leadership styles have significant and positive impact on employee's job satisfaction and organizational citizenship behaviors, as well as negative impact on employee's workplace deviance. The results indicate that paternalistic leadership seems to be effective to increase employee’s job satisfaction and OCB and reduce their workplace deviance in the enterprises in Mainland China.


Paternalistic Leadership; Job Satisfaction; Organizational Citizenship Behavior; Workplace Deviance