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The Differentiation of Operation Characteristics and Land Management Rights Transfer: Evidence from China

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.031


Ziyu Zhang, Hongting Shu

Corresponding Author

Ziyu Zhang


Based on the background of economic transition(transition from a planned economy to a market economy), from the perspective of occupation differentiation of rural households, this paper analyzes the current willingness and behavior mechanism of the land management rights transfer for different types of farmers, and use the micro-survey data for statistical analysis and empirical test. The study finds that: smallholders and new agricultural business entities mainly have strong willingness to transfer land, smallholders are difficult to rent in land due to the imperfect land rental market, while it is easier for new agricultural business entities to transfer land with government support. Part-time farmers intent to maintain current land scale, while urban farmers have a strong willingness to transfer land, however, current distorted grain subsidy policies and low rents do not encourage them to transfer their land. The enlightenment of this paper lies in: the Chinese government should establish and improve the incentive policies for various types of farmers' innovation and venture capital investment, promote the effective differentiation of rural farmers' occupations, improve the effective supply and demand levels of rural land circulation, and set up agricultural land circulation Internet trading platform; Accelerate the reform of the agricultural supply side, accelerate the establishment of an integrated urban and rural social security system, optimize the grain subsidy system, promote the orderly circulation of land and moderate agriculture scale operation.


Operation characteristics; Differentiation; Land transfer; Rural China