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A Research on the Development of Financial Markets in Agriculture and Rural Areas by Commercial Banks Based on Rural Revitalization Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.024


Jie Xiao, Shan Jian, Jiehua Xie, Zepeng Chen, and Chengqing Li

Corresponding Author

Chengqing Li


At present, the investment and development in rural China by China’s banking industry is seriously lagging. The introduction and implementation of Rural Revitalization Strategy Plan, which is one of the major strategies for building China into a great modern economic country, has brought the most important transition development opportunity to the agricultural and rural economy. It has also brought broad financial market space and will have a profound impact on the bank’s business development. Practice has proved that economic development drives the development of banking, while banking stimulates economic development in turn. Therefore, under the strategic plan of rural revitalization, commercial bank should participate actively, so as to create new advantages for promoting the development of rural revitalization and promote their own operations to a higher level. To this end, this article, through further analyzing the rural financial market situation and the problems existing in the bank’s support for rural revitalization, proposes specific development measures for bank supporting for rural revitalization to strengthen China’s agricultural and rural construction.


Commercial bank; Rural revitalization; Financial market; Measures