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Study on the Supply Chain-based Spare Store Management in the Military

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.011


Junxiao Zhang, Jiagang Du, and Chen Zhu

Corresponding Author

Jiagang Du


The shortage and backlog of aviation materials have increasingly plagued the development of our aviation materials, especially in recent years. With the continuous expansion of the fleet, if the issue of spare parts for aviation materials is not effectively handled, it will inevitably affect the safety of the flight of the army or cause a huge backlog of inventory. The use of large amounts of liquidity has affected the effective use of military expenditures. Therefore, a set of scientific forecasting and management methods is particularly important. Only by combining the application of modern management theory and the characteristics of the military aviation material support in the new period can our army construct a safeguard strategy with military characteristics, establish a model suitable for our military aviation material support, and effectively achieve the purpose of improving the aviation material security rate and reducing the cost of aviation material management. In order to realize the unity of military and economic benefits aviation material management. At present, the single forecasting model for the demand of aerospace materials has a relatively mature theory, such as Poisson model, progressive normal model, etc. However, there are few mature theories for the optimization of the spare parts system, and the research on the theory and method of control of aviation materials is very weak. Based on the present situation of military aviation materials management, this paper analyzes the main problems in military aviation materials management, applies modern supply chain management theory, establishes the military aviation materials supply chain management structure, and chooses the inventory control strategy suitable for military aviation materials inventory management.


Aviation materials; ordering model; safeguard efficiency; supply chain management structure