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Wine Consumption Behavior and Preference of Chinese Millennials --An Exploratory Investigation

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.010


Xiong Siran, Li Wenli

Corresponding Author

Xiong Siran


For the wine industry, millennials are promising wine consumers in the future. This study aims to understand the wine consumption habits and style preferences of Chinese millennial consumers and how they acquire wine knowledge. An investigation was conducted in a universtiy of southern China and a total of 213 valid questionnaires were collected through electronic questionnaires. Descriptive analysis and cross-tabulation were used to understand the consumer behavior, taste and style preference of millennial consumers. The main conclusions of this study are as follows: Firstly, most millennials buy wine online. Secondly, the three most important factors of aroma and flavor characteristics that the millennials prefer are balance, aroma and softness. Thirdly, they show no difference of perference between new and old world. In addition, they like simple, easy labels and the wines with cork, etc. These conclusions are helpful for the wine industry to understand the potential wine consumer’s purchase behaviour, as well as significant for the wine industry to develop the huge market of millennial consumers in the future.


Wine market; Chinese millennial consumers; Consumer behaviour; Consumer preference