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Research on the Path to Promote the High-quality Development of China's Trade from the Perspective of Major Trading Partners

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.008


Shurui Liu

Corresponding Author

Shurui Liu


Global trade is weak in 2019, and China faces increasing pressure to stabilize foreign trade. Because of this, the "Guiding Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Promoting the Development of High-Quality Trade" (from now on referred to as "Opinions") was officially announced on November 28. Based on the content of the "Opinions," this article proposes the following strategies starting from China's main trading partners: investing foreign trade in developing countries and emerging economies, and using the "Belt and Road" initiative to achieve growth in trade with countries along the route; The expansion of national trade scale, taking China, Japan, and South Korea as examples, discusses the significance of the expansion of trade scale of neighboring countries from the two aspects of necessity and feasibility for China to cope with global and economic difficulties in economic development; The construction of the trade zone will increase its influence in the foreign trade system. However, in the context of the current complicated trade field, China's trade field faces many risks. Therefore, the last part of the article proposes that from the perspective of the Chinese government, the government should improve the level of system construction, strengthen the ability to control risks, and effectively provide institutional guarantee for Chinese enterprises to go global and the high-quality development of China's trade.


Downward trade; Belt and Road Initiative; Neighboring countries; Free trade zone agreements; the level of institution building