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A Questionnaire is Designed To Determine the Requirements and Expectations of Job Seekers in their Industry

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DOI: 10.25236/icbdem.2020.007


Sheng Wang, Yiwei Zhao

Corresponding Author

Sheng Wang


In the economic development indicators, the sustained economic growth rate reflects the economic vitality of a city and is closely related to the potential demand for talents. Only with continued economic growth can new employment opportunities be continuously increased. The higher the sustained economic growth rate, the more new employment opportunities and the stronger the attractiveness of talents, and the lower the sustained economic growth rate, the fewer new employment opportunities and the worse the attractiveness of talents. Therefore, we try to evaluate talent introduction programs by constructing indicators to provide suggestions for positive internal testing related to talent introduction. First, find relevant data, establish a mathematical model based on relevant literature and corresponding data, and quantify and analyze the Shenzhen talent introduction plan with the plan of "Several Measures to Strengthen the Business Environment Reform" issued by Shenzhen[1]. After that, all the indicators were used as comprehensive indicators using the factor analysis method, that is, six comprehensive indicators such as economic development level, living environment status, social security management, education level, natural environment status, and technological innovation atmosphere. Finally, we integrate the various indicators, and the multiple regression method is used to regress each influencing factor to obtain quantitative results. It is combining relevant measures and policies to provide targeted suggestions for talent introduction programs.


Multiple regression; Factor analysis; Talent introduction