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The Design and Realization of Intelligent Test Paper and Achievement Analysis System for Financial Accounting Informatization in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.136


Liuwei Chen

Corresponding Author

Liuwei Chen


With the rapid development of the computer era, more and more colleges and universities use computers to assist the teaching process and manage the question bank through computers. The use of computer technology can effectively, scientifically and systematically improve the management of question bank, at the same time can also assist the teaching work, which will be conducive to improve the teaching quality and students' learning effect, so as to realize the separation of the evaluation department and the education part of the university management. This paper is mainly aimed at the higher vocational colleges through the computer intelligence to carry on the organization of the paper and analysis of the performance of the defects to carry on the analysis, the use of the computer random algorithm to take the initiative to achieve the organization of the paper function, so as to improve the higher vocational colleges intelligence organization of the paper and performance analysis of the management system.


Higher vocational colleges, The group, Performance analysis, Design and implementation, Accounting informatization