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Research and Application of Coal Mine Safety Monitoring System Based on Communication Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.131


Zhen Yang

Corresponding Author

Zhen Yang


In the process of coal mine production, the dependence on working face equipment is very large, so the maintenance and management of working face equipment has a very important role, which can effectively improve the efficiency of coal mine production and avoid bad production accidents. With the deepening of the mining degree of mineral resources in China, the mineral industry itself has been developed and built for a long time, in which a lot of mining equipment has been used. In some mines with long mining time, we should improve the efficiency of mining and increase the strength and strength of mining.The research and application of coal mine safety monitoring system based on communication technology is a key link in coal mine production, which is of great practical significance and economic value.


Coal Mining, Communications Technology, Equipment Management