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Design of Orchard Monitoring Node Based on ZigBee Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.129


Na Xie

Corresponding Author

Na Xie


With the development of science and technology, in order to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of fruit industry economy, the goal is to develop agricultural informatization and deep agriculture. Analysis of the orchard environment information, analysis of the orchard environment, analysis of the growth of fruit trees. By analyzing the growth of fruit trees, reasonable irrigation and fertilization can minimize the maintenance cost of the orchard and increase the fruit harvest. In the past, orchard management can only manually collect environmental information such as temperature, humidity and light from orchard, which can not guarantee the real-time and accuracy of data. In this draft, the orchard monitoring node based on ZigBee technology is designed. In order to ensure the real-time and data reliability of data transmission, the corresponding information management system is developed. The system can display the environmental information around the orchard in time, and users can make decisions according to the environmental information.


Orchard Environment, ZigBee, Environmental Monitoring