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Research on the Arrangement Design of Competitive Aerobics Complete Movements Based on Feature Extraction

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.127


Wei Yang, Zixin Ma, Xin Feng, Meng Wang

Corresponding Author

Wei Yang


Competitive aerobics consists of different types of movements, such as aerobics movements and modeling, difficulty movements, coordination movements of collective events and transition and connection movements. High-level complete sets of movements require a complete display of a whole. The connection of each movement, the conversion of each spatial position, and even the preparation of each difficult movement require that they must be connected with each other by dynamic and vivid and novel methods. The design of complete sets of competitive aerobics movements is the embodiment of the participating teams' wisdom contest and cultural exchange according to the rules. It is no longer merely a confrontation between physical fitness and skills. The arrangement should embody the beauty of action, structure and music, and conform to the requirements of the rules. Based on feature extraction, this paper focuses on the research and analysis of the function and design of transition and connection movements in the complete set of competitive aerobics movements in order to provide valuable reference for improving the level of competitive aerobics in China.


Feature Extraction, Competitive Aerobics, Complete set of Movements, Layout Design