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Research on Moving Target Detection Algorithm in Mine Safety Monitoring

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.117


Yulian Chen

Corresponding Author

Yulian Chen


Mine safety problem is directly related to the personal health of the staff, it needs to strengthen the safety control, which is very important at present, in order to ensure that the staff can work safely in the underground environment, the safety monitoring system appears, this system can check the working environment, the staff's performance in the dangerous area is tracked and tracked, according to the activities of the workers, analyze whether it is safe to work underground, under the system analysis, can grasp the safety of the working environment in time. The security monitoring system combines the early warning function with the linkage system organically, so that the work can achieve good results and can effectively prevent the occurrence of danger during the work.


Mine Safety, Monitoring Center, Moving Target, Detection Algorithm, Research