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Modeling and Simulation of Hydro Mechanical Stepless Transmission Section Changing Process based on AMESim

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.112


Xiying Wang

Corresponding Author

Xiying Wang


Based on the study of the process of hydro mechanical CVT, the mathematical model and the convergence system of the hydraulic and mechanical circuits are established. Based on the software platform of amsion, a simulation model of hydro mechanical stepless transmission system is built. The simulation model of oil pressure circuit is constructed and simulated. Based on the analysis of the simulation results, the influence of the main parameters of the system on the process of district change is studied to improve the quality of district change and provide the basis for the formulation of the change strategy.


Hydraulic Machinery, Variable Speed Transmission, Mathematical Model, Section Changing Process, Ame Sim, Simulation