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The Method of Avoidance of Unmanned Vehicles in Dynamic Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.103


Pingli Ren

Corresponding Author

Pingli Ren


With the rapid development of economy and technology in China, driverless cars have gradually entered the eyes of people and have been widely concerned by the society. driverless car is a kind of land-type intelligent robot. as the name implies, driverless car does not need manpower to operate during operation. it can pass through the computer inside the driverless car. the intelligent driver with computer system as the core is the core of the driverless car. The unmanned vehicle is equipped with the on-board sensing system, which can capture the links around the driverless vehicle in the first time, and analyze the information obtained to realize the automatic planning of the vehicle route.


Dynamic Environment, Unmanned Fleet, Obstacle Avoidance Method, Policy Strategy