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Development and Application of Remote Monitoring System for Distribution in Rural Areas

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.099


Hongjun Ju

Corresponding Author

Hongjun Ju


In the process of rural development and construction, distribution network construction is a very important content, and through the application of distribution remote monitoring system can better improve the construction process of distribution network, improve the quality of construction. A remote monitoring system for rural distribution operation, which can remotely test leakage protector and monitor the running condition of distribution station area, is developed. Nowadays, there are still problems such as frequent tripping of leakage protector and difficulty of manual transmission in rural distribution network system. This paper mainly analyzes the development and application of rural distribution remote monitoring system, discusses the main development process and specific application of the monitoring system, hoping to play some reference role for the relevant staff.


Rural Distribution, Remote Monitoring System, Development and Application