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Research and Application of Modular System for Assembly-Type Barrier-free Facilities

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.094


Haihua Su

Corresponding Author

Haihua Su


At present, prefabricated barrier-free facilities have been applied in various industries, playing a huge role, especially in urban road construction, the construction of modular system of prefabricated barrier-free facilities is quite deep in place. This paper discusses the modularization system of prefabricated barrier-free ramp facilities in urban road construction. Its construction concept is advanced and standardized, which can bring great convenience to traffic users. On the basis of discussing the present situation of modular system design and construction of assembly barrier-free ramp, the paper also studies its design and application idea in depth, hoping to improve its application efficiency.


Assembly Accessibility, Modular System, Assembly Accessibility Ramp, Design Ideas