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Research on the Application of Computer Virtual Simulation Technology in 3D Animation

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.087


Lian Ding

Corresponding Author

Lian Ding


Virtual simulation technology is also called "virtual reality technology" and "simulation technology ", mainly through the virtual system to imitate another real system of an application technology. With the rapid development of information technology today, virtual simulation technology has become a unique technology system, which makes great contribution to the development and progress of mechanical manufacturing, scientific experiments, mathematical reasoning, exploration of natural objective laws and animation design. This paper briefly expounds the virtual simulation technology and its basic teaching requirements, analyzes the internal relationship between computer virtual simulation technology and 3D animation production technology, and probes into the application strategy of computer virtual simulation technology in 3D animation production in depth..


Computer, Virtual Simulation Technology, 3d Animation, Production, Application