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Research on the Reconstruction Technology of the Computer Monitoring System of the Hydroelectric Power Plant in the Border Areas

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.083


Majia Luolun

Corresponding Author

Majia Luolun


The computer monitoring system of power generation equipment has very important economic and social benefits for stabilizing the production process of power plant, reasonable and economic production, improving labor productivity, improving production environment and reducing physical labor. Hydroelectric power station is a unit capacity of 35mW, with four large bulb tubular devices. The original monitoring system used the SAT 250 system of Austrian Ailin company. This paper discusses the current situation of the monitoring system of the complete power generation equipment, the development trend of computer technology and automatic control technology at home and abroad, and the operation management elements of the complete power generation equipment. Research on the conversion technology of computer monitoring system in power station. This paper discusses the necessity and possibility of system reconstruction based on the application of existing computer monitoring system in power station, and investigates the practical problems. Through the analysis and demonstration of various potential reorganization plans, it is finally determined to be practical and optimal. By enriching the existing equipment of the reconstruction plan, the reconstruction cost is saved as much as possible, the reconstruction cycle is shortened, and the economy is improved. At the end of the paper, the main technical problems of the conversion are discussed and summarized, and the conversion effect is analyzed. There are the same problems with the monitoring system of power stations, and there are many other power stations with bulb tubular units in China that need to be improved. The research results of this technology can also be used to reconstruct and build computer power monitoring system for these power stations. The transformation is more successful and takes fewer detours.


Hydropower Plant Planning, Computer Monitoring System, Transformation Technology