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Research on the Simulation of Face Terminal Identification under the Network Security of Mobile Devices

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.081


Zhao Xianghui

Corresponding Author

Zhao Xianghui


The face terminal identity recognition under the network security of mobile terminal can effectively guarantee the security of user identity information. In order to carry out face terminal authentication, it is necessary to allocate memory resources to the face terminal device and guide it. It is necessary to mark the best solution set of the face to complete recognition. The existing methods are face feature image collection, these detection, tracking, and recognition results in order to get the guard terminal database information and consistent face, the annotation of the best scene of the face ignores the recognition accuracy, as a result. A face terminal recognition method based on face detection and recognition is proposed. In order to improve the use of AdaBoost method detection, the direction of face, and determine the candidate domain division based on the exploration information of local features based on skin color features and the difference quality of nearest neighbor classification method, the image flow of face terminal, the cognitive ability of face improvement, and the implementation guide of memory resource allocation for the best solution set of annotation. In addition, in order to realize the face terminal recognition of mobile device network security, a sample set placed in the memory of mobile device is selected. The experimental results show that the proposed authentication method can fully realize the recognition of mobile devices.


Mobile Device, Face Terminal, Identity Recognition