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Research on Software Development Mode and Application of Reusable Framework Based on Neural Network Algorithm

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.079


Yingxi Wang

Corresponding Author

Yingxi Wang


The traditional software development method is difficult to support the early verification of requests, so it is easy to cause out of control projects. Among them, the idea of reusing the combination of object-oriented technology and software, as the design idea and method of domain name in engineering, the suggestion of reusing the object-oriented software development method. On this basis, the existing software development models are compared and analyzed, the object-oriented software reuse waterfall model is proposed, and several problems in the development process of application system based on the development model are discussed. This development mode can effectively shorten the software development cycle and reduce the burden of developers.


Object Oriented, Software Reuse, Software Component, Software Reuse Waterfall Model, Neural Network