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Intelligent Defense Simulation of High Efficient Internet of Things False Data Injection Attack

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.077


Juxia Xiong, Jinzhao Wu

Corresponding Author

Juxia Xiong


False data injection attack is a new attack method for power system state estimation in smart grid. That's a typical data integrity attack. FDIA avoids the existing bad data detection mechanism by tampering with the estimated state of transmission network. In addition, the wrong decision was made to the control center, which resulted in significant physical failure. It is very important to study the efficient and executable fdias detection method for building a safe and stable smart grid network physical system. For fdias, this paper focuses on those detection methods. Through the analysis of the principle and current research status of FDI as at home and abroad, the existing detection methods are compared and analyzed from the two perspectives of central detection and decentralized detection. Most of the existing detection methods ignore the influence of fdias on the physical characteristics of power system and the relationship between them. After detecting fdias, in order to restore the system measurement and make the system return to normal, a method of restoring the system in a short time is proposed. In order to solve this problem, the detection method based on the voltage stability index of nodes and the two-level detection method based on the matrix partition of zero space mapping are decentralized.


Efficient Internet of Things, False Data Injection Attack, Intelligent Defense