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Extraction of Anthocyanin from Purple Cabbage Based on Artificial Neural Network

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.075


Zhang Dongfeng, Li Pingfan

Corresponding Author

Li Pingfan


With fresh purple cabbage as raw material and hydrochloric acid solution as extractant, the scavenging effect of purple cabbage on super oxide anion radical and hydroxyl radical of anthocyanin extract was screened by single factor and orthogonal test. Extract antioxidant activity. The results showed that 0.3mol/l purple cabbage anthocyanin hydrochloride was used as the extraction agent, and the extraction process was the best. Purple cabbage anthocyanin [anthocyanin purple cabbage anthocyanin: anthocyanin water purple cabbage anthocyanin = 1:1 purple cabbage anthocyanin g / ml purple cabbage anthocyanin (purple cabbage Anthocyanin) purple cabbage anthocyanin]: anthocyanin added with hydrochloric acid purple cabbage anthocyanin = 1:5 purple cabbage anthocyanin (volume ratio) In hydrochloric acid solution, anthocyanin was extracted at 60 ℃ for 2 hours, the extraction rate was 1.67%. To some extent, the anthocyanin concentration of purple cabbage is 0-12 Mg / ml purple cabbage anthocyanin, with the increase of purple cabbage anthocyanin concentration, the effect of superoxide anion removal, the maximum clearance rate of purple cabbage anthocyanin is 31.1%, purple cabbage anthocyanin IC anthocyanin 50 purple cabbage anthocyanin purple cabbage anthocyanin 2.301 mg / ml purple cabbage anthocyanin; the content of purple cabbage anthocyanin is 0-0.6 in the range of purple cabbage Mg / ml anthocyanin, the concentration of anthocyanin in purple cabbage increased, the removal effect of hydroxyl radicals increased, the maximum removal rate was 54.7% Schiff base of anthocyanin in purple cabbage, 54.7% Schiff base of anthocyanin in purple cabbage, 0.956 anthocyanin in purple cabbage, and 9 mg / ml anthocyanin in purple cabbage.


Purple Cabbage, Pigment Extraction, Extraction Conditions, Antioxidant Activity