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Research on user Perception behavior of Mobile Library Based on Technology Acceptance Model

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.072


Sun Qizhi

Corresponding Author

Sun Qizhi


In recent years, Chinese scholars have paid attention to the cognitive behavior of portable library users, and adopted the technology acceptance model (TAM) as the theoretical basis for research. In addition to traditional Tam variables (such as perceived usefulness, ease of use, and intention to act), other external and internal variables describe and validate user perceptions to change the degree. In order to understand the research progress of users' cognitive behavior of China Mobile Library, this paper focuses on the construction and expansion of TAM model, potential variables, summary and discussion of empirical research. This paper puts forward the research of user behavior in order to predict and describe user behavior dynamically and improve the quality of Library mobile service.


Mobile Library, User Perception Behaviour, Technology Acceptance Model, Mobile Service Quality