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Research on the Application of Reverse Engineering and Material Enhancement in the Shell of Nail Nail Machine Based on Layered Sliced Algorithm

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.069


Liu Wen

Corresponding Author

Liu Wen


In order to improve the slicing efficiency of STL model, a new algorithm based on MATLAB for slicing and stratification of STL model is proposed. The shell of enterprise's new product nailer is selected as the carrier, and the mark point, scanning, point cloud data analysis, surface solid 3D modeling reconstruction and 3D surface innovation design are carried out. Firstly, the STL model is preprocessed to select the set of triangular slices that only intersect the tangent plane, and then the topological relationship of the adjacent triangular face edge is used to obtain the cross section profile information of each layer in turn. The experimental results show that the method is simple and effective, which not only optimizes the data structure, but also improves the slicing efficiency, and has good feasibility and accuracy.


3D Printing, Slicing, STL Model, MATLAB