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Design of Multi Granularity Quantum Switching Node Structure for Embedded Intelligent System

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.068


Liu Xingjian, Chen Xiao

Corresponding Author

Liu Xingjian


The load-bearing modes of power man services are quite different. Network switching nodes not only need to support the exchange of quantum signal, synchronous signal and classic signal, but also need to have multi granularity signal exchange function to support the encrypted transmission of power services with different service levels. The multi granularity quantum switch node structure based on fiber level switch layer, band level switch layer and wavelength level switch layer is adopted to improve the flexibility of switch node and reduce the scale of cross connection matrix. At the same time, the wavelength selection switch is introduced into the multi granularity quantum switching node, which ensures the same path exchange between the quantum signal and the synchronous signal of the same user through the programmable flexible wavelength selection. The simulation results show that the quantum switch node structure is feasible in the application of power man.


Power Man, Embedded Intelligent System, Multi Granularity, Quantum Switching