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The Application of Web Data Mining Technology in E-commerce

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.062


Zhao Lixia, Jin Wei

Corresponding Author

Zhao Lixia


With the rapid development of social science and technology in our country, more and more new technologies appear in people's lives, and gradually change people's way of life, such as: cloud computing technology, big data technology, Web data mining technology and so on. The big data era has been brought, data has become an important element in people's daily life, and the amount of data people process is increasing, how to deal with a large amount of data quickly and accurately, in a large number of data centers to find useful information, is the current people focus on thinking. From the point of view of e-commerce, this paper briefly analyzes Web data mining technology and its application points in e-commerce, and probes into the application path of Web data mining technology in e-commerce in depth.


Web, Data Mining Technology, E-commerce, Application Path