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Research on Visual Design of Creative APP in Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.060


Wang Jiahui

Corresponding Author

Wang Jiahui


The rapid development of internet technology under the background of big data, considering the phenomenon of people's needs with a certain differentiation, derived a variety of app software, and the mobile terminal app active users are constantly increasing, further promote the development of app software with its own characteristics. With the emergence of various kinds of creative app and the continuous development of science and technology, but also greatly changed the mass visual aesthetic, with the social trend of the changing mass visual aesthetic, can be said to add difficulty to the development of mobile app under the background of big data, but it is worth noting that in the process of researchers developing app, the core of the mass visual aesthetic harmony is not changing this feature can only grasp the development of app to meet the needs of the public, so there will be colorful Internet products gradually appear. In the development and design of these products, there are often many cross-cutting phenomena, tend to big data and psychological and visual design analysis and inquiry, the purpose of which is to promote the continuous improvement of product performance and user experience.


Big Data Background, Creative App, Visual Design