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Research on Automatic Testing Technology for Parts Looseness of Machining Equipment

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.059


Zheng Shuqin

Corresponding Author

Zheng Shuqin


Nowadays, the level of science and technology is improving day by day, people attach great importance and attention to the machining of machinery, which also puts forward higher requirements and standards for the precision of machining equipment to a certain extent. In order to further improve the technical level of automatic inspection of mechanical manufacturing equipment parts loosening, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive control and control of the mechanical manufacturing equipment parts loosening. In order to ensure that the inspection mechanism and operation mode are in line with the actual requirements of the automatic inspection system. Therefore, this article mainly uses the mechanical manufacturing equipment parts loose automatic inspection technology research, carries on the following several points analysis, in order to promote the enterprise manufacturing enterprise sustainable development.


Mechanical Manufacturing, Processing Equipment, Part Loosening, Automatic Detection Technology