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Exploring the Application of Automation Technology in Mechanical Design and Manufacture

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.057


Li Ying, Li Shuting, Zheng Xijiang, Zhang Hongwei, Xu Chunping

Corresponding Author

Li Ying


The development of society and the progress of economic level can not be separated from science and technology, and the development of industrialization and the construction of modern city are constantly added under the support of technical level. Automation technology is developed and applied based on information technology and network technology. In the design and manufacture of industrial machinery, the application effect of automation technology is very obvious. Therefore, the industrial machinery manufacturing industry has been widely accepted. This article first introduces the general situation of automation technology and its main components, then expounds the advantages of the application of automation technology, and finally discusses the practical application of automation technology in mechanical design and manufacturing.


Automation Technology, Analysis of Mechanical Design , Manufacturing Applications