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Research on Media Innovation System Based on Mobile Augmented Reality Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.055


Chen Zhen, Gao Wei, Zhong Zhi

Corresponding Author

Chen Zhen


Augmented reality is an extension of virtual reality, and the technical operation of augmented reality is mainly to integrate the actual situation around the user and the virtual scene calculated by the computer organically, so as to enhance the user's further cognition of the real world. Augmented reality can make life scenes more realistic, using the human senses of touch, vision and hearing to interact with each other, enabling customers to interact naturally with the environment, mostly in the fields of education, health, entertainment, industry and culture. Media fusion is an entry point in which the media system is built with the help of some smart phone hardware devices.


Augmented Reality, Media Systems, Innovative Research