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Research on Interface Management of Electromechanical Equipment System of Urban Rail Transit

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.046


Li Xiaohong, Wang Ke

Corresponding Author

Li Xiaohong


As a complex system project, urban rail transit mechanical and electrical engineering has a small space, a large number of specialties, and a high degree of technical intensiveness. There will be a large number of complex interface problems in the construction of the project. Improper management will seriously affect the project quality, schedule, safety and cost. Interface management strategy is the soul and core of interface management. It is of great significance to study interface management strategies to improve the level of interface management and even the entire project construction management level. This article starts with the development process of urban rail transit, introduces the basic concepts and management characteristics of urban rail transit electromechanical engineering, elaborates the basic theories of urban rail transit electromechanical engineering interfaces and interface management, analyzes the root causes of interface problems, and introduces mechanical and electrical engineering. The characteristics and classification of engineering interfaces, and discusses the work objectives, main content and basic methods of interface management.


Urban rail transit, Electromechanical equipment system, Interface management