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Magnetic Resonance Energy Transmission and Driving System of Micro Robot

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.040


Aobo Cui

Corresponding Author

Aobo Cui


Magnetic resonance type wireless power transmission technology is a new development direction of wireless power transmission technology. Energy is transferred between coils through resonance and coupling of non-radiation near-region magnetic field. This paper analyzes the influencing factors of the transmission power of the magnetic resonance wireless energy transmission system of the micro robot. Based on the comparison of the transmission power characteristics of the non-resonant and resonant systems, the analysis idea of overall analysis of the energy transmission system loss is put forward, and the capacitance loss and the drive source loss are included in the analysis scope. According to the characteristic that the peak power and peak efficiency operating frequency points do not coincide, an energy efficiency optimization control strategy based on information feedback is proposed. With the aid of energy transmission channel, the working state of the receiving end is fed back to the transmitting end in real time by using load modulation technology to realize closed-loop control of the energy transmission process. The experiment verifies the feasibility of the power amplifier in the magnetic resonance wireless power transmission system and significantly improves the transmission efficiency of the wireless power transmission system.


Micro robots, Magnetic resonance, Wireless power transmission, Efficiency characteristic