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Research on User-side Big Data and Parallel Network Prediction Based on Cloud Computing Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.039


Haoying Chen

Corresponding Author

Haoying Chen


With the rapid development of Internet technology, computers are gradually changing people's way of production, life and work. In the process of computer popularization, data processing capabilities become important, so this requires relevant workers to take strong measures to ensure the speed and quality of computer processing data, analysis for the development of various industries are important the impact of the . In the era of large data, enterprises can dig through the analysis and analysis of data out of the enterprise decision-making or development of the meaning of the data, this kind of can be enough to push Further development of the business. When, big data analytics and cloud computing network technology have their own excellent The trend and the inferior situation, the need for each enterprise root according to their own actual situation To choose the data management method for the choice of phase.


Cloud computing, Big data, Network forecasting