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Research on Health Node Capture Method under Computer Network Intrusion

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.030


Xu Guibing, Zhou Xuemin

Corresponding Author

Xu Guibing


It is of great significance to ensure the safe operation of the network by identifying the location of the health node quickly and accurately and taking appropriate measures to protect the computer network. In view of the disadvantages of traditional node capture method with high positioning error and long running time, a new method based on three edge centroid positioning principle is proposed to capture health nodes. According to the analytic hierarchy process, the importance weight ratio of the node signal output array, the node number, the node degree, the eigenvector and the node density is determined, and the approximate location of the existing health nodes in the computer network is identified, and the anchor node and the selected unknown node are determined based on the three edge centroid localization method. The optimal distance between nodes and healthy nodes can accurately locate and capture healthy nodes in computer networks. The experimental data show that the proposed health node capture method can get lower positioning error under the condition of different node density and signal to noise ratio, and also have some advantages in node capture energy consumption control and operation time control.


Computer network, Health node, Ahp, Three side centroid localization