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Path Choice of Network Social Governance Based on Identity Mapping Relationship

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.028


Qi Chen, Dan Wang, Xiangjie Luo

Corresponding Author

Qi Chen


Network technology has been integrated into the texture of social development, affecting the material and ideology of society. Citizen life and national production are readjusted and combined on the structure of network technology, which has spawned a new type of society, namely, a network society. Its virtual, anonymity, openness and decentralized social characteristics weaken the identity of the behavior subject, leading to a series of network anomie behaviors, and at the same time causing the expected effects of governance measures based on subject awareness and identity relationships. By analyzing the actual problems in the governance of the network society, a network identity management path based on the identity mapping relationship is proposed, which is expected to be helpful to the further improvement of China's network society governance.


Path choice, Network social governance, Identity mapping relationship