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Research on Secure Storage of Internet of Things Information Records Based on Block Chain Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.027


Yang Ying

Corresponding Author

Yang Ying


With the increase of Iot equipment, different problems such as coordination and cooperation between equipment and equipment still need to be solved. In order to better put forward the corresponding scheme, in-depth analysis and research on this technology are also needed. With the rapid development of the big data era, the Internet of Things has become an important content that cannot be ignored in people's life. How to ensure the security and stability of all information transmission and information recording in the Internet of Things system, so that people can not only ensure the information to be stored for a long time, but also prevent the information in the Internet of Things from being stored for a long time because hackers or other organizations steal the information, and even bring negative effects to the active competition in the market. Combining blockchain and container technology, this paper proposes a secure storage scheme for Internet node access information, which aims to ensure the information storage efficiency and security of the Internet of things. So that the real data of information interaction between nodes of the Internet of things can be saved in the storage structure under the chain. It effectively realizes the security of IOT nodes, and reduces the difficulty of information acquisition and traceability after malicious attacks on IOT information.


Block chain technology, Information records of the internet of things, Secure storage