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Study on Forecasting Method of Wheel-Rail Vertical Force by Frameload

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.024


Ze Li

Corresponding Author

Ze Li


Wheel-rail interaction force is the basis of studying wheel-rail relationship and one of the important elements of evaluating vehicle operation safety. At present, the measurement of wheel-rail force is still the focus and difficulty in the field of railway vehicle research, however, line test using dynamometer bogie frame has a high leve. Therefore, in this paper, combined with rigid-flexible coupling multi-body dynamics, the whole vehicle dynamics model of high-speed train is established. Vertical force of wheel and rail and vertical load of frame under different working conditions are obtained by simulation. Pearson coefficient is used to analyze the correlation between them and extract the correlation characteristics. It is proposed that vertical load of frame be used to advance the vertical force of wheel and rail.


Wheel-rail force, Rigid-flexible coupling, Pearson coefficient, Relevance