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Research on the Evaluation of Dangerous Goods Sources in Air Transportation Based on Principle Component Analysis (Pca) of Matlab

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.019


Zhang Yan

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yan


With the vigorous development of civil aviation transportation industry, the transportation volume of dangerous goods is increasing. However, the aviation unsafe events caused by dangerous goods are also increasing. In order to find out the important sources of dangerous goods that affect air transportation, seven dangerous goods sources that affect dangerous goods unsafe events are selected basing on the data statistics of dangerous goods unsafe events in 2010-2017. By fully understanding the principal component analysis method, matlab is to be realized the calculation process to carry out systematic research. The first four principal dangerous goods sources are extracted through the principal component analysis method. According to the Principal component analysis of MATLAB, the results show that the main sources of dangerous goods in air transportation are classified into types of dangerous goods, types of airlines, transportation area and transportation mode. In addition, the corresponding preventive measures are given for the four important dangerous goods sources. These preventive measures including enhancing the management of consigning and agency, strengthening the training of relevant personnel and increasing the publicity in all aspects, can provide guidance for the safety management of dangerous goods in air transportation. It is of great value to effectively control the probability of dangerous goods unsafe events and improve the level of safety management.


Principle component analysis, Matlab, Air transportation, Dangerous goods sources, Evaluation and analysis