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Research on Single Channel Speech Noise Reduction Algorithm Based on Signal Processing

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.018


Chen Chen

Corresponding Author

Chen Chen


As an analog signal carrying specific information, speech has become an important means of obtaining and disseminating information in people's lives. However, in real life, speech signals are polluted by various noises during the encoding and transmission processes. At this time, you can use the voice noise reduction technology to suppress, reduce noise interference, and improve the quality of the voice. The voice noise reduction technology can be divided into single channel and multi-channel according to the number of channels of the microphone. Because of the simple model and low cost, single-channel voice noise reduction Algorithms have been the focus of research. Based on a single-channel speech algorithm for signal processing, this paper presents several basic algorithms such as Wiener filter algorithm, spectral subtraction, signal subspace algorithm, MMSE method, LMS and RLS algorithm, and digital filter, as well as their basic principles, algorithm implementation steps and advantages and disadvantages analysis.


Speech noise reduction, Single channel microphone, Wiener filtering, Spectral subtraction, Mmse, Subspace