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Research and Implementation of Secure Storage of Big Data Based on Distributed Database

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.017


Tingting Zhang, Ze Liu

Corresponding Author

Tingting Zhang


With the continuous development and progress of the society, the information technology industry has achieved unprecedented development. Data statistics of information systems also show explosive growth, gradually increasing from the original TB level (TB = 1024 GB) to the PB level (1PB=1024TB). So we can see from the data that today's data is growing very fast. In addition, due to the continuous growth of data, which has increased people's demand for data storage, the big data era is no longer far away from people. It can be said that the big data era has come. With the development and progress of various industries in the society, the amount of data used in each industry will grow rapidly no matter which field. And big data will also be an important standard for information and industrial development in the future. Therefore, this paper will mainly discuss the research and implementation of big data secure storage based on distributed database.


Distributed, Database, Safe storage, Study