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Lanzhou Beef Noodles and Mechanical Process of Dough Machine Extrusion

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.014


He Wei, Li Wanxiang, Zhai Chaokai

Corresponding Author

He Wei


With the development of modern food processing industry, processing machinery has been has developing and improving. In-times to special the special s a case-like high water content (about 48%) in Lanzhou beef noodles, this thesis centers on the report of the report of the specified mechanical and electrical product of the producing flour. The twin-screw extruder of the dough, designed on a optimal basis, is mainly ed of extrusion mechanism, repulsion mechanism, and drive mechanism, able to complete the process of stirring, fermentation, kneading, pounding, ramen, etc. meeting the changing requirements of markets and processing.


Lanzhou beef noodles, Dough machine, Twin screw, Mechanical process