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Application Status and Prospect of Microwave Remote Sensing

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DOI: 10.25236/i3ca.2017.16


Cheng Lele, Yan Xinsui, Zhou Mengqiu, Zhou Yongqin, Wang Hao, Wan Houzhao

Corresponding Author

Cheng Lele


With the development of space, electronics, information and other technology, human desire for the exploration of unknown things increasingly strong. The emergence of high-resolution microwave remote sensing technology is for all-weather observation of all-weather weather makes up for the shortcomings of other remote sensing technologies and gained widespread international attention. Based on the working principle of microwave remote sensing, this paper expounds the advantages of microwave remote sensing, then analyzes its research status and application in various fields, and draws the conclusion that microwave remote sensing has the characteristics of strong observing ability and wide application range. The development prospects of the technology were predicted.


Remote Sensing, Active Remote Sensing, Passive Remote Sensing.