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Study On the Assistant Steering Based On Fuzzy Control

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DOI: 10.25236/ictmic.2020.003


Jinjian Xiao, Yubo Weng

Corresponding Author

Jinjian Xiao


Assistant steering controlling accuracy is important for automobile safety running. In order to gain the Ideal control targets of the assistant steering system, the real operating torque and ideal torque of steering wheel are adopted as the main control variable. In PD controller, the changing parameter is calculated inferentially by fuzzy logic. The real-time steering control voltage is dynamically corrected to approach the ideal steering torque. And the car yaw rate and slip angle is set as performance indicators as optimal objects of fuzzy PD controller. Using of genetic algorithm, the assistant steering system would be dynamically optimized. The assistant steering control method is verified by the computer simulation. The fuzzy PD controller with the genetic algorithm could effectively increase assistant steering controlling accuracy.


Assistant steering system, fuzzy control, genetic algorithm, multi-objects optimization